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Big Tall Short Thaku's Menswear store in Scottsdale, AZ
Big Tall Short Thaku's Menswear store in Scottsdale, AZ

Thakus short menswear stores has two locations both located in sunny Arizona. Established in 1969 the family owned and operated business caters to the gentleman who is 5 8 and shorter. They have sizes most stores have never heard about. However, when the gentlemen who is either slim and short or portly short they are overwhelmed to find items such as suits in extra-short sizes, p-coats for the winter weather also custom made for their size.

In addition, due to the tough economic times many short men stores have closed,thereby making Thakus the largest and and most exclusive inventory for the shorter gentlemen. Whether he is looking fine all cotton dress shirt which comes in 30/ 31/ 32 sleeve lengths. The entire manufacturing of the dress shirts makes a distinctive difference for the shorter man.

Some will try the custom-made process whoever it generally exorbitant and most men do not have months to wait. Our entire inventory is online to purchase at once with minimum alterations, such as 100 s gabardine wool pants by corbin. This non-pleated pant is privately made for our stores only. Most men will only have to have length finished due to years of precise fit for short mens sizes.

Whether its the suits, sport coats, sport shirts, casual pants, jeans or carefully calibrated sweaters which could not be altered, every garment is tailored to a point, that the short guy or gentlemen will revisit us frequently due elimination of aggravation and more