Tall Men

Tall  Men

Thaku's Menswear aka, has been a leading fashion retailer for over 49 years. Our theme of uncommon fashion and unique impression means exactly how it sound, specializing in BIG, TALL & SHORT sizes. We offer unique, high quality, upscale fashion items. We also design many of our signature items and use only the finest quality European fabrics and workmanship. Especially for our tall thin customer who is generally overlooked because the demand is not as great, and manufactures do not want to slow down productions, for these sizes. We stock sizes from a waist size from 30" to 56" and inseam from 32" to 40", as for shirts we carry from LT to 5XLT. Our mission is to provide the best quality in fashion merchandise, coupled with outstanding customer service.

We appreciate you taking the time to learn about us and we look forward to serving you.

Due to our extensive sizing scale we are unable to put pics of all our items in every size. We carry a full line of suits, sportcoats, trousers, dress shirts and jeans.

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